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A quartet that aspires to craft soundtracks of life with melodic tunes, Silent Scenery, from Malaysia, burst into the local independent music scene with their first single, Tale of a Wooden Door in 2007. The tune that consists of one soothing melody to another is what Silent Scenery is about.

Their simple melodies, sewn together seamlessly, do not tell you stories but rather, leave a space for you to craft a tale of your own.

In 2008, Silent Scenery went on to experiment with darker tunes with their first EP entitled When We Escape from the Moonlight. Silent Scenery’s first single, Closing Chapter of a Sappy Story received local radio airplay and the band went on to tour Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

At the end of their tour in 2009, Silent Scenery immediately went back to the studio to start writing new materials for the next release.

In October 2011, Silent Scenery released their first full length album entitled These Still Moments. The band described the album as a total contrast to When We Escape from the Moonlight (2008) as they’ve adopted a more lighthearted and optimistic approach in their new tunes.

These Still Moments was well received by fans and media. It was chosen by JUICE Magazine Malaysia as one of the best local releases of 2011 alongside with Zee Avi, Liyana Fizi and more.

Silent Scenery consist of Kit on guitar, vocal and xylophone. Ivan on guitar, vocal and keyboard. Seikan on drums, vocal & percussion.